Wednesday, July 29, 2015

our trip to colorado and new mexico

A few weeks ago we traveled to New Mexico, and then Colorado, to visit Curtis' family. I had a lot of stress and worries about the trip before we left. Ande was missing his second week of first grade and I kept thinking that he would come back to school and feel like the "new kid." Luckily, once we were on our way, all those worries were replaced with excitement. I was excited to watch Milo take his first flight on an airplane and we were all excited to see family that we dearly missed!

Our first flight went off without a hitch. The boys were behaved and happy. The flight crew for our second flight was running late and as we finally got in line to board, I realized the man standing behind me had the same boarding number as I did. I thought that was a little odd and then I noticed that they kept mentioning that our flight was heading to Providence, RI. I quickly realized that we had been waiting for the wrong flight! Curtis and I grabbed the confused kids and ran, movie style, through the airport. We were frantically searching for our gate! We finally found it and were running towards it as they closed the door to the gate! We were out of breath, Owen was crying because he didn't want to throw up on the plane, and some ladies told me they had been paging us over the intercom for a while! It was all very dramatic but we were so relieved when they opened up the door and let us on the plane. After that, it truly was smooth sailing as all three boys fell fast asleep in our laps.

Once we got there, we got to spend an incredible afternoon in the Albuquerque LDS Temple followed by a beautiful and scenic drive up into the mountains of southern Colorado. The rest of the week was spent enjoying the gorgeous scenery and all of the amazing moments with family. The boys are so lucky to have so many cousins (21!) that are instant best friends, no matter how much time passes between each meeting.

When it was time to come home, it was definitely bittersweet. It's always nice to come home to our comfortable house after a long trip, but we missed being with our huge, loving family! And as crazy as it sounds, I am still really missing having Milo share a bed with Curtis and I! He was so proud to get to sleep in a "big boy bed" the entire trip, and I just loved snuggling up to him every night.

And now that we are finally home, getting back into the regular swing of life, we are preparing for yet another trip! This time to the beach! Our summer has been so busy and full and we are just soaking up all of the adventure!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

pictures from our 4th of July weekend

Curtis and I have had some pretty awesome 4th of July experiences over the years. Part of the reason I am so fond of this holiday is because it reminds me of the summer we first met. After about a week of dating/"hanging out", Curtis invited me down to a family reunion in Alabama. On the way down there, we stopped in Atlanta for some pretty awesome fireworks! Since then, we've been to a water park in Alabama, Stone Mountain in Georgia, Boston, Gettysburg, and a few other fun places to celebrate Independence Day. This year's trip to the beach with family just adds to our list of awesome summer 4th of July experiences! 

Even with the threat of shark attacks more prevalent than ever, the boys were braver in the water than I've ever seen them! I love that they are beginning to love the beach as much as I do! They did a lot of digging in the sand, splashing in the waves, giggling, and in Milo's case- running down the beach as far away as possible. 

Every trip to Atlantic Beach also requires an afternoon in Beaufort, the most quaint little waterfront city you can imagine. It's the stuff Nicholas Spark's books are made of (literally). We ate dinner down there and then strolled along the docks afterward so the boys could look at all of the boats. We even caught a glimpse of a wild pony on the island across the sound. 

Even though we had to brave some pretty fierce winds on Saturday, the evening turned out to be just gorgeous! The air was even a little bit cool while we sat on the edge of the sound and watched the fireworks light up over the water. Curtis and I tried to recreate a picture from that first 4th of July 8 years ago. When I saw the pictures I realized we were much cuter back then! 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend. I especially love the cousin photos...lots of boys and lots of love between them!










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