Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sunday Style {reflections on Mother's Day}





a boy-and-his-view-finder






In all honesty, I don't feel like I've done much mothering lately that's worth celebrating. Pregnancy and allergy season has inflicted a monster cold that I haven't been able to shake for a couple months now. I've had a hard time getting through the day without a lot of rest and in the meantime I've let a lot of things slide. Laundry and dishes get backed up, vacuuming doesn't happen, and the kids have heard me complain about being sick one too many times. It has been frustrating and I feel so inadequate, but lucky for me the boys still love me anyway! They spoiled me yesterday with breakfast in bed and gifts from the heart. They love so unconditionally, and I am so blessed to be constantly learning from them.

Besides the support from my boys, sometimes just getting dressed and getting outside can be so beneficial! Yesterday, I got dolled up in an adorable maxi dress from Motherhood Maternity, curled my hair (seriously this one thing alone makes me feel like a million bucks), and after church we went for a stroll around a favorite lake. It turned out to be kinda hot, and there may have been some whining, but I was grateful that everyone indulged me for one afternoon!   

Being a mom is hard. So much responsibility rests on my shoulders and sometimes that overwhelms me. But it's also brought more joy and love into my life than I could even put into words. It humbles me and teaches me how to appreciate small and simple things. So even though this year on Mother's Day, I didn't feel like I had been doing such a great job, I do know that I have little people who love me no matter what and a husband who supports me, and that's all that really matters.


On Me: Dress, Shoes, Glasses

Friday, May 6, 2016

A day at the airport

The little boys and I had some fun at the airport observation deck the other day after dropping my Mom off for a trip! We try to stop by that spot whenever we are over there because it's so fun and the boys love watching the planes take off and land so close by! 

I've always loved capturing photos and writing down memories of our kids as they grow and lately, I've been trying to add in a few videos to the mix. I keep getting reminded of how fast they grow and how fast they change and I am desperate to remember all of their little quirks and the way their voices sound! So, cue all the fun video montages of our little life adventures

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