Thursday, August 27, 2015

loving lately


loving... all of the pictures we took in front of the cute aqua colored ice cream shop at the beach, like the one of our family ^ above (also these pics).

wearing... this cherry red dress from old navy and already planning how to style it with a cute cardi and boots for fall!

reading... this book, given to me by a sweet friend who knows my love for happy, romantic teen fiction so well.

watching... this show on Netflix and loving the amazing costume design. Can amazing hats from the 1920's please come back in style!?

painting... my nails, and really bothered by how long it's taking for them to dry!

enjoying... the colors for fall this year and hoping to incorporate them into my shop soon!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

on having boys 2.0

I was looking back at my last blog post about being the "mom of boys" and realized that I wrote it way back before Milo was even born! I thought it would be a good time for an update, but much of my opinions from the last time have remained the same. Being a boy mom really is like mothering a bunch of little Curious George's. These boys of mine want to know everything and know how everything works. They have boundless energy and are only sitting still if they are building a Lego invention.

But I feel like having energetic, curious kids is not unique to a family of all boys. The difference, and the thing I love most, is being a mom to these boys.

I love these pictures of them because they represent their creative, goofy personalities perfectly! Each boy is so different from the other. They each bring a unique energy, preferences, and humor to this family. That blend is what makes our hearts so full each night as Curtis and I talk and laugh about the things they say and do.

Ande is the leader of the pack. His mind is constantly inventing and creating Lego trucks and he loves to lead his brothers in games of pretend. He can run and run and run all day and still be ready to run some more.

Owen is a sweetheart who loves to play. He doesn't really care about the game as long as his brothers are playing with him. He loves to get creative with kinetic sand, play doh, and paint.

Milo never walks. He only runs. He is a parrot and repeats and follows his brothers whatever they say and wherever they go. He is smart and well spoken which helps him hold his own, even as the youngest.

The thing that these boys all have in common is their tender hearts. They love us and we love them. And even though they sometimes fight, the living room is always turned into a fort, they insist on pushing their own carts at the store, and they have no idea how to talk in an "inside voice," they made me a mom. They make being a "mom of boys" the most special job in the whole world.
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