Thursday, December 4, 2014

crochet love {rustic crochet Christmas wreath}

I may have gone a little overboard with the Christmas tree trimmings this year. 

I made a garland for our mantel, put some in a vase, and then added them to this wreath for a little pizzaz.

The pine branches smell delicious, so how could I not put them everywhere!? With this wreath on our front door, we now get a big whiff of Christmas every time we walk up to the door, and I love that.

To make this rustic Christmas wreath, I made one sorta like the wreath that I made in this post. The only thing I did different was to work a row of shells around the outer edge rather than the (dc, ch 4, dc) that I did in that post. I used a Size K crochet hook and the Lion's Pride Woolspun yarn in Mahogany. Man, this yarn is squishy, soft, and luxurious! I loved working with it.

For the pine branches, I clipped them to the size that I wanted and started sliding them into the yarn on the back side of the wreath. I didn't use wire or string or anything else to attach them. I simply tucked them underneath the strands of yarn that wrap around the Styrofoam wreath form. I didn't hot glue them down so that I can take them out as they brown and dry up. That way it will be easy to recycle the wreath to use again later!

I love the handmade craftiness mixed with a little bit of nature. Don't you? It's unique, and inexpensive, and special. 

How will you use your Christmas tree trimmings this year?

Monday, December 1, 2014

life lately {according to Owen}

Reading... Otis and the Puppy Such a sweet, sweet book! (He'll be getting A Is for Apple from Santa. It has indented letters so he can trace each one with his finger.)

Watching...a long time favorite for our kids,Pingu The funny penguin characters talk in this nonsensical, made up language which makes it fun for little toddlers who can't always follow a story line.

Fighting...with both brothers over the trusty ole' cozy coupe.

Wearing...some seriously cute and soft leggings from this shop.

Learning...his letters. Well...trying to anyways. So far he's got O and T down pat. his dinosaur Halloween costume, still. everyday.

Singing...all the time but the ABC's, I am a Child of God, and Mary Had a Little Lamb are usually on the rotation. finally sleep in a "big boy bed" (yep, he's 3 1/4 and still in a golly I keep them in there as long as I can!). The boys are getting bunk beds for Christmas so to practice, we've been making a huge floor bed with his and Ande's mattresses. Owen has been doing great, and finding him all snuggled up next to his big brother just melts my heart!

Oh, to be three!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

our love story

Yesterday marked our seven year anniversary. I am so proud of the little family that we have created and I constantly feel extremely blessed to have such healthy, funny, creative, smart boys in my life.

When we first met, Curtis and his friend vowed to never hang out with me and my friends again. They spent the evening being subjected to our silly, giggly banter and decided we were way too weird. I don't know what prompted Curtis to eventually ask me out weeks later (and he doesn't know either...I still ask him all the time), but I'm so glad he did. It must have been the same thing that kept that one stop light red through three cycles, prompting him to turn his truck around, drive back to my house, and swoop in for our first kiss. And again, after only a month of dating, something led Curtis to propose to me under the boardwalk at sunrise rather than drive home to Florida knowing that he might not see me again.

I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father had a fun time watching our whirlwind romance unfold and watching us follow along with his promptings even though they sometimes seemed a little crazy. I'm so glad that we were guided to each other and into this life that we now have. Sometimes I feel like we are just two kids "playing house," making things up as we go. I kinda think I'll always feel like that, but at least that means that life will always be exciting and challenging and rewarding.

Yesterday was just a normal day for us. We plan to celebrate this weekend, but as I stood in the kitchen yesterday watching the kids and Curtis wrestle like they do every afternoon, I loved that we were all together as a family on that particular day. Anniversaries should be a celebration for the whole family, because it's not just Curtis and I's love story anymore. It's all of our love story now.

Monday, November 10, 2014

on motherhood and feeling grateful





The other night I was reading stories with the boys for bedtime when Ande got upset about something and leaned down and shouted right in my ear. Usually this would really tick me off but for some reason, instead of scolding him, I burst into a fit of laughter. Inside, I really was upset. Somehow my brain got some wires crossed and caused me to laugh instead of shout.

Once I started, Ande and Owen started giggling, and we couldn't even get through the rest of the book. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I really feel like those crossed wires were a little blessing sent from up above. I really don't like getting after the boys but sometimes it's just hard to keep my cool. You know?

I'm feeling pretty grateful for that small moment on that otherwise uneventful night. I'm grateful that we were able to spend those last minutes before sleep laughing and smiling rather than frustrated and sad.

Anyways, I guess that is what motherhood is all about... learning to laugh when you'd rather be crying.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

what i'm watching 2.0


+ Crime/Suspense - The Blacklist
This show is perfect for any crime show junkies like me. It is exciting and intriguing. It's one of those shows where you binge watch just to see what happens next. In terms of language and suggestive scenes, it is pretty clean, but it can be dark and pretty scary! So you might not want to watch if you have a weak stomach!

+ Period Drama - Death Comes to Pemberley
If you love Jane Austen and Downton Abbey, you are going to l.o.v.e. this! I mean, who wouldn't want to see a glimpse into the future of Pride and Prejudice's beloved characters!? Seriously. It is really, really good! This mini-series is based off of a book by the same name, Death Comes to Pemberley by James, P.D., which I read a couple years ago and also loved.

I don't feel like I really need to explain myself on this one. If you have't read the books, or seen the movies, then you are wayyy behind, folks! But really. Have a party, watch this movie, and get yourself ready for the next movie coming out this month!!!

+ Short Documentary Series - City.Ballet (season 2)
This is an AOL orignal series documenting life in the New York City Ballet. Season 2 just came out with 12 episodes, each only 8 or so minutes long. If you want to know what life is like as a professional ballerina, you must watch this! It is really, really great. Also, I'm a little bit bias because I caught a glimpse of one of my best friends from high school in one of the episodes and I am ever so proud of him (season 2, episode 4)!

What movies or tv shows have you seen (and loved) lately?

This is what I was watching last time.

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