Friday, May 22, 2015

between him and me {Milo Says}

Milo is really at a fun age right now. He is a parrot and will repeat anything he hears which is totally cute, but you definitely have to be careful! He is such a loving, fun, chatty, goofball. He always runs, never walks, is still obsessed with monkeys, and just loves exploring the world around him. He is my little shadow and I love his guts.

Here are some of the funny things he's been saying lately:

While riding in the car:
Milo: "Mom, there's a sticker in the van!"
Me: "What's that sticker doing in here?"
Milo: "STICKIN'"

While looking at a cut on his finger:
"My blood is bloodin'!"

Because people always ask his brothers what grade they're in, or how school is going Milo now says this to inform people he, too, goes to "class":
"I'm 2. I go to the gym"

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

sunday style {mothers day edition}

dress: DownEast
shoes: LimeLight from Rack Room Shoes (can't find originals)
floral pants: Loft

May has always been my favorite month. For starters, my birthday is this month. Add to that the blossoming trees, gorgeous warm (but not too hot) weather, and mother's day. You just can't beat this awesome month!

My mother's day was so wonderful this year (possibly because I made a point to remind Curtis about it a couple weeks before). I got to sleep in and then enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed. The boys brought me little love notes and a new book to read as well. I felt pretty special and pampered all day!

I also wore my pretty new dress from DownEast to church! I love how comfortable this dress is while still holding the slim-cut pencil skirt shape. This dress fit me like a glove. It seemed like it was custom fit just for me!

And then the highlight of the day was reading the boys comments about me in the "all about mom" questionnaire that they filled out in sunday school. They are hilarious and I love them.

Curtis and I always debate about celebrating "made up" holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. He doesn't want to conform and I say, who cares! Let's conform, because it sure is nice to be pampered every year!!!
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