Monday, July 11, 2016

bump update :: 38 weeks

The end is finally in sight! I'm actually feeling pretty good, too good if you ask me. If I were feeling a little more uncomfortable, then at least it would feel like things were moving along! I seem to have a good amount of energy during the day, then about 6 pm I just crash. All of us are getting so anxious and excited to meet the little gal and besides school starting this week for Ande and Owen, she's all we think about!

Well... a few little boys are probably also thinking a lot about Legos and transformers too because that's a given...


How far along? Officially 2 weeks left, which really isn't much time, but somehow still feels like forever!

Craving? I'm still not much of a food "craver" although lately I've reverted back to my child-self and really been digging plain Cheerios.

Sleeping? Sleep? What is that? I keep falling asleep early and then I wake up around midnight and can't fall back asleep!

Wearing? We have been practically living at the pool and I've been rocking this bathing suit a ton. (I can't find the original anymore, but here is a similar version).

Feeling? Super anxious. You'd think by the 4th time this would all just be a cake walk. But in typical Lindsay fashion, I lay awake worrying about everything. How is this thing gonna go down? Is it going to feel like I'm dying like Ande's birth? When is it going to happen? What if I miss Owen's first day of Kindergarten? Will whoever is watching my boy's remember to make their school lunches? Will she love Curtis more than me?

Buying for baby? We got this bassinet for a steal which Ande promptly began setting up ALL of the baby toys in. Cute, but calm down!

Nesting? If spending a 95 degree Saturday making everyone weed our front yard natural area and the entire next Saturday collecting 3 giant trash bags of stuff to donate and even more bags of trash, then yes. Yes, I am nesting. The funny thing is that I think Curtis has got the nesting bug even worse then me! He bought a new vacuum recently and now makes vacuuming, not only the carpet, but the walls, blinds, picture frames, etc, a nightly ritual.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Memorial Day and our trip to the National Zoo!

A few weeks ago we took a quick trip up to DC to visit my sister and brother-in-law! While we were there we decided to stop by the National Zoo and see the baby panda! It was hotter than hot that day! The first hour that we were there, everyone was sweating, grumpy, crying, and the animals were hiding in the shade. And then there was the fact that Ande was extremely disappointed in the actual size of the "giant panda." Because giants are supposed to be giant sized in the mind of a 7 year old! I was so close to calling it quits, but we stuck it out anyway! Lunch and a cool treat definitely brightened our spirits! After the zoo, we made the long metro ride back to our hotel and cooled off in the hotel pool!

We have loved taking these quick weekend trips with the family lately! The boy's love riding the metro, experiencing a big city, and squishing together on hotel beds! 

Above is a fun little video we put together of our day at the zoo! 

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